You aren’t quite sure what you believe, you love what is good and hate what is evil, you make your own rules, desire peace, and you are hungry for truth and wisdom. If this sounds anything like you…


Then, I encourage you to start with the book of John. It’s the fourth book of the New Testament, in the HOLY BIBLE. John was considered Jesus’ closest friend and disciple. He had a tender heart and he was loyal. John is a great book to start with because you can read Jesus’ actual words. You can find out how He lived His life and what He’s about. Most translations are going to give you the same message, but there are some slight variations that could make a big difference as the ripple affect unfolds. I like the New American Standard Bible – NASB (not the revised one).

There are a lot of people claiming to be followers of Christ that are lying, and giving Christians a bad reputation. There are a lot of followers of Christ who are still a bit confused, deceived, or even just wrong. We are works in progress. The good news is that God accepts us and loves us just the way we are. Then He makes us new. We grow just like babies, into children who don’t know better, into passionate, strong, but still foolish teenagers, and then we get to a point of maturity when we realize we don’t know as much as we thought we did and we depend on the only Perfect One for understanding and decision making (everything really). This is a process.

Don’t let a person, fear, or bad experiences keep you from the only One who knows everything about you, and yet still loves you more than you could ever fully grasp.

Simply, put: There is a man I know. He loved me when I was destroying myself, because everything around me said that I wasn’t worth anything. Then I became tired of the pain; so I started “caring more.” Doing positive things. You know, cleaning myself up. I succeeded in building myself up only to fall so hard that I nearly killed myself. I was totally broken, and there was no one strong enough to pick me up. There was no one brave enough to take a chance on me. There was no love great enough to heal my broken heart. I had no hope.

THEN HE CAME TO WHERE I WASblkandwhiteHe touched my heart. He came to me and He carried me in His strong arms. He wiped away my tears, took my face in His hands, and lifted my eyes to gaze into His.

d7b8b9292a61596403d2168d67711f6eHe said “I love you.

You are mine, and I am yours.

Don’t worry about it. I have a plan.

Follow ME.

It’s okay! Just let it go. I took care of it, already.

Let’s go. Me and you.

I love you. You are truly beautiful.

You are precious and priceless to me.

You can trust me. I will never leave you or forsake you.”

I know Jesus. He has been my best friend for quite a while now, and He told me that He loves you. Yes, He knows your name and He really does love you. He wants you. He wants to be with you.

Maybe you need Him to hold your hand and walk with you through a storm. Maybe you need Him to hold you and let you cry. He is strong enough to pull you out of the dark pit you find yourself in.

Is nothing really that bad, but you feel there has to be more out there? Or is it that you’re angry and don’t really know why?

Whatever it is that you’re seeking, Jesus is here for you. You’ve never felt a love like this. If you don’t know Jesus, then please read and pray. Seek the truth about Jesus. Not something you heard from someone else. Invite Him in and He will show up. The time is right now. Don’t wait.

You have enemies too. They purpose to keep you from Jesus. Don’t give them anymore time to steal from you or destroy your heart and life. They want to kill you, but Jesus is greater than they are. Go to Him right now. Don’t worry about anything else. He is real. I know He is, and I just want to tell everyone the truth. Seek and you will find. If I can help you, then I will.

I will tell you the truth that I know.

With All My Heart,


Jeremiah 29:13 (NASB) 13 You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart.


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