We all know what goes into our bodies affects our health,

but what about what we put onto our bodies?

It matters and you have options. Using natural health, wellness, and beauty products has been a journey just like inner healing, and healthy eating. I learn as I go and I’ll share with you what I learn!

Modern technology and culture has demanded we use products full of toxins and contaminants in order to be socially acceptable, considered beautiful, and even to get and keep a job. What we put on our skin not only affects our health but our quality of life, opportunities, and much more. For these reasons we cannot compromise on quality and we don’t have to!

I have discovered that you don’t have to walk around stinking, looking frumpy, or feel ordinary to make a change for the good in your beauty regimen. I would even say natural products are an upgrade in quality. There are so many wonderful decisions to make. You can shop local. You can head over to your favorite store and pick up natural ingredients to make you own and add a  tried and true name brand to fall back on just in case. There are many natural companies that have personal sales representatives to guide you through their product lines. There are natural options for hair, skin, and oral care. Makeup is now made with natural ingredients and you can even find ways to use nature as makeup or embrace nature and wear none!

Beauty isn’t everything. Healthy people are beautiful people. imgres-5

My four children, husband and I have not had a drop of “modern” medicine in us (aside from my occasional epidural and ibuprofen for the pain that is postpartum) in over five years and counting! We live healthy lives and make intentional choices about what we eat. FOOD IS THE BEST MEDICINE! Have we gotten sick in the last five years? Yes, rarely. When that occurs I look at it as an opportunity for our bodies to develop their immune systems and become stronger and more efficient. I’ve cured, ear infections, yeast infections, abscessed teeth, staph infections, flu, scarlet fever, hand foot and mouth decease, and maybe a few others; all with natural homeopathic remedies. Like I said it is a process. Don’t obsess over it, but do some research when you can. ENJOY THE JOURNEY AND HAVE FUN LEARNING. Knowledge is power. I’ll be posting some helpful links. You are a wonderful work in progress and you will be getting better everyday of your life!


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