I’m so glad you’re here! I’m Karilyn, and I am brine ember.

portraitI’m actually just like you. I have so much to do and so little time! Yet ironically, I find myself on the web ferociously pinning an exorbitant amount of grandiose aspirations that I can’t help but add to my to-do-list. Like you, I know that I’m beautiful, but I rarely feel beautiful. I have 723 ½ useless talents that save me a buck every now and then, but none of them will ever solve a single one of my problems. And just like you, deep down inside all I really want is to do something good with my life.

There is one thing that is really amazing about me, though. It’s the reason that I decided to ignore my insecurities, let go of my perfectionist tendencies, and stay up so long that it doesn’t make sense for me to go to sleep because I don’t have enough time to complete a REM cycle. It’s this one simple truth. Jesus saved me. And if that makes you cringe, then I dare you to challenge your tolerance and appreciation of the human soul and finish reading this one little page.

Jesus saved me from the cruel grip of addiction and toxic relationships. He saved me from lies and empty days that ended with empty wine bottles. He rescued me from strange men who saw a free ride and knew I had no one to protect me and that I didn’t even love myself enough to care; but what I’m most grateful for, is that He saved me from myself.

I once was a mess, and not the beautiful mess that I tried so desperately to own and present to the world around me. It was a hopeless, dark, twisted mess filled with pain, secrets, stupid pride, and haunting fears. No one knew. No one ever does, right? I tried to stay busy and entertained with work, drama, relationships, obligations, and recreations in the hopes that I would drift into ignorant bliss. Even when I was inebriated, He knew all about it. My Father was there collecting my tears in bottles. He waited for me, He pursued me, He carried me, He never pressured me, yet He never left me alone. When I came face to face with the real me; I shattered and it hurt. He was there and He held me. I’ll have to tell you the long story sometime.

I’ve been free ever since. Instead of a mess I’m a new passionate creature with grace coming out of my ears! I have a family, I have a purpose, and I have vision and hope for everyday ahead. He deserves all the glory and all the honor and all the praise. I seek to help you see what I could not see then, but what I can’t take my eyes off of now. I want to see you captivated by His love and basking in His glorious light, just as I am; because there’s nothing better.

You are fearfully and wonderfully made. He has a plan for you and He came that you may have life and life more abundantly. You are the apple of His eye and your worth is beyond measure. We all have things we need to heal from, none of us have all the answers, and everybody needs love. I learned some things on my journey here and I’m ever learning. He didn’t bless me this way so that I could revel in it for the rest of my life. I’m here for you. And you’re here for everyone that tugs at your heart and runs across your mind. I promise to tell you the truth that I know. I’ll tell it with my whole heart. I will share my life, my experiences, my thoughts, my useless talents, my favorite websites, my creations, my DIY’s and even my pain. I will share everything with you, and I will commit to keep it lovely and pure because we need a little of that in this world.

My hope is that you will see in my everything, that Jesus is the best thing about me. I pray that brine ember will be the seasoned truth that you’ve been craving and a light in the dark places that points you to the only love that you’ll ever need.

Be Salty & Bright,



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